September 12, 2018

Here’s why your SEO provider MUST be transparent

The problem with both of the above SEO companies is that they are either taking too much of a long term or short term approach and they are secretive about their process. They don’t want to share with you the tasks they’ve completed or the links they’ve built because either they haven’t done what they should or they’re scared. Scared of you picking their work apart, scared of you firing them and doing it yourself or worse, giving their super secret formula for success to a competitor.

Because of this most SEO providers operate with zero transparency which is why when I meet with a potential client who has an SEO company they usually say something along the lines of  “I don’t know what my SEO company is doing but the results are bad/good/just ok”.

And that’s where a lack of transparency is a very bad thing.

I’ll be first to tell you that no one can guarantee SEO results, particularly in competitive areas. But what your SEO company should be able to provide you at any time whether you’re dominating your search market or have zero online visibility is some form of deliverable outside of “results” that shows that your investment in SEO (aka your company’s future) is going toward important work. I’m not talking about keyword ranking reports or even web traffic analytics. I am talking about things that show me you’re actually putting in the hard necessary work to help my business in the short and long term. Some examples of what I would call deliverables your SEO should be providing are:

  • Links that have been built
  • Links that have been attempted attempted but not successful
  • Content created
  • Sites you’ve marketed this content to
  • Written analysis of your web site’s performance
  • Milestones to measure success along the path to internet dominance

These are just a few SEO tasks but what I can tell you with near certainty is that if you do these basic things month in and month out, you will eventually rank in most competitive Local SEO niches. And that is why it’s so important that you know, that along with kw rankings and organic traffic increases, if you’re SEO company is doing these things. To borrow a football analogy (I’m known for those btw), this is the blocking and tackling of SEO. It’s tedious, it’s time consuming. Nobody wants to do it. Everyone wants to score touchdowns (rankings) or get interceptions (conversions) but without blocking and tackling you have no chance of winning the game. None.

September 12, 2018