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The restaurant and food service industries were some of the hardest hit areas during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with increasing vaccinations and relaxed social distancing guidelines in many areas, many patrons are returning to their favorite restaurants. If you work in a restaurant or in the food services industry, is your company prepared to meet customer demand this summer?

Social Media is a Powerful Tool for Restaurants and Food Services
Social media is an excellent way to share news and information about restaurants and food services. Many individuals learn about new places to eat when they pop up in their social media feeds. Add some engaging and interesting content and you have new customers ready to have a meal or drinks at your restaurant.

At Digital Mark Co, we are experienced photographers and videographers who provide sharp, high quality images and video clips for your social media feeds. Have a popular dish that your customers rave about? Allow us to take high resolution photos of it to make new customers drool. Have a signature drink on your menu, like a bubbly champagne cocktail or a spooky Halloween special? Let us take video of your bartenders mixing it and serving it to your lucky guests to draw business.

Showcase the Full Experience
The food is only part of a customer’s experience at a restaurant. Hostesses, waitstaff, bartenders, and setting all influence a customer’s decision to return to an eatery. At Digital Mark Co, our experienced certified drone pilots can capture breathtaking footage of the beautiful views from your balcony and views of the city from your rooftop bar. We can even highlight parking areas and other location details so that you are as easy to find as possible for your customers.
Is your website interesting enough for today’s market? Many potential customers flock to restaurant websites expecting to find the latest menus and daily specials—however, many restaurants fail to provide these important details. Our website developers can create pages that showcase your menu, highlight food items that cater to dietary restrictions, and provide detailed information about upcoming events.

In addition, our search engine optimization (SEO) experts work hard behind the scenes to ensure that your restaurant shows up in search results when hungry customers are looking for a bite to eat in your area.

Mobile Apps Are Growing in Popularity
Have you considered creating a mobile app? Many restaurant and food service patrons love using an app to place orders, read reviews, and study menus. To make your restaurant stand apart from the competition in your area, we can build an app that is both easy to use and efficient. Help customers beat the line to get food, offer coupons and special deals, and allow customers to message their questions to employees and your app will be popular in no time.

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